Hedge Cutting and Garden Maintenance
in Maidstone | Our Garden Design Services

Most people don’t get the opportunity to use all of the space in their garden efficiently. Working with us to design and plan your garden will help you to create a garden that is both beautiful and functional. From designing gardens for small properties and large grounds we are able to help. You would be surprised at how much a great design can decrease on your garden maintenance and grounds maintenance. Once we have helped you design and create your new garden we can come in and do your grass cutting, hedge cutting or if needed fencing repairs in Maidstone and the surrounding areas.

As we work with both soft and hard landscaping elements, we can design all aspects of your garden.

Soft Landscaping Design and Installation

Soft landscaping refers to our team planting of flowers, trees, hedges and grass in Maidstone and the surrounding areas. Our team will come in and take a look at the existing elements of your garden and take care of the ones we would keep. If you have overgrown grass or hedges, we will start with grass cutting and hedge cutting so that we can decide what plants will need to be added or removed.

Once we have completed some garden maintenance or grounds maintenance, we will start going through what colours you want and if you want flower beds or not. We will draw up some plans with the layout and go through this with you. Once you are happy, we get planting.

Hard Landscaping Design and Installation

Hard landscaping are all the parts of your garden that don’t involve plants. The Bees Nees offers some of these services to elevate the use of your garden in Maidstone. Once we have laid out a plan for the plants in your garden and colours you may want, we can help you decide whether or not you would like a patio or fencing.

Adding a patio to your garden can give you a functional area for barbeques and morning coffees in summer. This can also be a place that you can relax and read a book whilst your children enjoy the garden. We can install many types of wooden fencing to give you some privacy or just to put a border around your vegetable garden. Once we have installed it you should keep us in mind for any fencing repairs you may need in the future as anything can happen.


Our team can provide all of the garden maintenance and grounds maintenance to ensure it stays beautiful and neat. Grass grows, hedges lose their shape and fences can get damaged. We can come in and get your grass cutting, fencing repairs or hedge cutting up to date in Maidstone and the surrounding areas.

Contact us for garden and grounds maintenance in Maidstone and the surrounding areas on 07740 941818