Garden and Grounds Maintenance in Tonbridge
Why you Should Choose Us

There are many different elements involved in grounds maintenance and garden maintenance, each of these need to be coherent for your grounds or garden to look beautiful and neat. The best way to do this is by hiring the professionals at The Bees Nees for work in Tonbridge and the surrounding areas. You would be surprised as to how cost effective it is to hire one team to provide maintenance for you, such as grass cutting, hedge cutting and fencing repairs. This is because you will not have to repeat these services to ensure your grounds or garden elements work well together.

We go through the many benefits you receive from hiring the professionals for both commercial and domestic purposes.

Maintaining Your Garden

Working with a professional garden maintenance team can save you a lot of time, and you can use this time for many other things in Tonbridge and the surrounding areas. If you have a young family it can become a bit hectic, and looking after them as well as performing grass cutting, for example, can really eclipse your schedule. We can come in and perform hedge cutting or even fencing repairs or installations for you.

Our team provide a high-quality service and work with you on the design, planting and maintenance so that you don’t have to. Deciding on what to do with your space can be quite difficult to make a choice, we can sit with you and go through what would be the best options. The Bees Nees does not only provide garden maintenance services, we also provide hard landscaping solutions, such as the laying of patios.

Maintaining Your Grounds

We all know that there are many challenges that come with grounds maintenance. In any instance it is important to have a grounds maintenance team to ensure your grounds get the care they need.

Hiring an amateur to look after your grounds would be an issue as they may not be as experienced as the professionals. Outsourcing and experienced team will mean you have a well-rounded workforce that will be able to work on all aspects of your grounds, from grass cutting and hedge cutting to any fencing repairs you may need.

One benefit that will come through with the work our team produce is that we have built strong relationships with suppliers in Tonbridge and the surrounding areas.  This is important as we can get all of the supplies we will need at an affordable price and will not in turn increase the costs for you.

The Bees Nees has extensive knowledge of different types of aesthetic and styles in the area. You don’t want your grounds being the ones that stand out for the wrong reasons. We come in and make sure every element of your grounds is cohesive and suit the aesthetic of the nearby areas. Our grounds maintenance services are extensive and we will always finish a job with a professional cleanup.

Contact us for garden and grounds maintenance in Tonbridge and the surrounding areas on 07740 941818